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I won't see you tonight

Well.... New host! Have to build everything from scratch for all my games.... I'm so sad to have to make Pairings and Colors again though.

An Epic Of Time Wasted

I'm revamping my page! This whole "using new layouts" thing is pretty fun, it's been a lot of work but I'm doing my best!

Almost easy

I swear each entry here is going to be an A7X song title, always. Anyway I've been updating the layouts for all my TCG card posts, and in the meantine a new game was added! The only one to edit now is Pairings, and hopefully I'll have it done before the first week of February ends. yeah that never happened, still not done

Thick and thin

Well a lot of things have happened since I started this poor page, and now I've moved to another server! Now I just gotta update everything, specially the links lol

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